Gareth Murran | The fun, games and experiments of a young go getter.
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Product Manager @Opsh, formally with @Cartrawler with core values of Continual Learning, Focus and Tenacity. I’m a tech, Social Media and Web junkie.

With the advent of social, the workplace is changing. Individuals now have the tools to organise and manage their own personal and professional learning, as well as underpin social learning and collaborative working in the organisation.
With in-depth understanding and experience of Internet technologies I’ve been providing advice on the acquisition, implementation and use of new technologies for learning, talent and social collaboration for the better part of ten years.
I’ve believe in continually strengthening and diversifying my hard and soft asset mix. When you court serendipity, you stir the pot and introduce the possibility that seemingly random ideas, people, and places will collide and form new combinations and opportunities.


Giving anything less than 100% is sacrificing the gift
If we want to be successful in this new age of exponentially increasing information and a web built around people, we will need to understand social behavior.
We will need to understand how people are connected, how they interact, and how they are influenced by different people in their lives. We will also need to understand how people make decisions, and how the different parts of their brain and their biases drive their behavior.